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The Interview

by Ralph Saunderson

"We enjoyed the absurdist qualities in the writing.  In a world where nepotism and ‘favours’ seem to be increasing in prevalence, the politics of the job interview are well worth exploring..."
Bristol Old Vic Literary Department

About the play

The Interview is a new writing play by Ralph Saunderson whose previous plays have included the much lauded The Dreadful Penny, which as a company we staged in both 2013 and again in 2017 (see SHOWS page for a trailer, photos and more information)  While The Interview is less anarchic, less slapstick and more focussed in construction, it is, nonetheless, still a comedy.

When Mr New arrives for his job interview, he is disconcerted, to say the least, by the identical twins, Ms Greta and Miss Stern who meet him.  Then there’s Mr Keane, Mr New’s identical twin brother but just who is interviewing who?  When Miss Stern demonstrates why her name matches her nature woe betide you if you are not in the photocopying room when she orders you to be!  An absurdist comedy of wordplay, concealed identity, sexual politics and power, with 2 actors playing 6 roles.  You’ll laugh, you’ll groan and you’ll update your CV.


Shortlisted by The Salisbury Playhouse New Writing competition Dialogue, The Interview was recently read and praised by The Bristol Old Vic literary department.  Ralph feels it is time to put the play to the ultimate test and let us stage it.  The question is will anyone like it? Or Laugh? Or even come?


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