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Waiting For Godot 2023

by Samuel Beckett

"This is community theatre at its very finest – professional qualities abounding. All characterisation is stunning"   

Bath Voice reviews

"I was stunned by the production and the professionalism of all the cast."

"Best production I’ve watched all year! Absolutely amazing."

"A moving and deeply affecting staging of the play, that used the in-the-round set-up to great effect."

"You guys never disappoint and certainly not with this one. Superb work!"

"Absolutely stunning performances - well done!"

Audience responses online

About the play

Waiting for Godot is regarded as one of the top 10 most important plays of all time.  2023 was the play’s 70th birthday and Playing Up Theatre Company's  20th Anniversary.  To celebrate this milestone of high quality community theatre the company returned to this masterpiece of tragicomedy for the second time, having launched in 2003 with Waiting For Godot as their inaugral show.  This wholly original interpretation of Beckett’s play saw the protagonists in an empty, antartic wilderness unlike any previous production. Faithful to the script yet offering audiences a new view of that empty countryside and that infamous tree, now created using a single shaft of light. This original creative interpretation was set in-the-round giving audiences a chance to see it from a new angle.

Playing Up returned to this play to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  It was perfprmed at The Mission Theatre, Bath in May 2023

Photographs courtesy of Lisa Hounsome (@lisahphotography)


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